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We can change everything

We hope that the podcast will help connect the NewLaw community, speed the evolution of legal services, and break the internet like Kim K.

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Peter Aprile is Counter Tax Lawyers’ (“Counter”) founder and senior tax litigation lawyer. Natalie Worsfold is a tax lawyer that represents SMBs in disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”).

We joined forces to defeat improper CRA reassessments and build a better law firm. We wanted to create a law firm that we would believe in. We are odd, creative, hardworking, and obsessive people, so we worked as tax lawyers during the day and night, and then worked as law firm and software architects later in the night. At all times, we ate pizza, candy, and Peter drank too much Coke Zero.

As late-late-night law firm architects, we started to imagine and develop new law firm and tax litigation methodologies, processes, software and other tools. We stripped everything away and started to build the law firm that we’d want if we were in our clients’ shoes. We argued, laughed, slammed fingers on keyboards, cursed, and questioned whether it was worth the effort and resources. We started from the bottom and now we’re here (and still listening to this). It was hard and, at times, it was lonely.

Counter’s architecture is now complete. That said, we continue to tweak, add, imagine, and build new solutions and software. We joke that Counter is in perpetual beta. We know that we will never stop figuring out better ways to serve our clients, work smarter, and build stronger tax litigation cases. It’s who we are.

We know that other people in the legal industry are building wonderful things. We tend to like odd, creative, hardworking, and obsessive people that are building interesting things and pushing to do better. We started Building NewLaw to give us an excuse to call these people. We hope that the Building NewLaw Podcast is much more. We hope that Building NewLaw will create a platform that allows us all to share, learn, and gain inspiration. We believe that, together, we are smarter, better, faster, and stronger. We believe that, together, we can create the new legal industry standard.

Point of View

Season 03, Episode 09

Better litigation analysis leads to better outcomes

Guest: Jamie Gardiner
Season 04, Episode 06

The journey and legal technology to lawyers better

Guest: Rebecca Kacaba, Mat Goldstein
Season 04, Episode 05

Client relationships are changing - here's what you should do about it

Guest: Mark Le Blanc
Season 04, Episode 04

How innovating the field of legal education will create better lawyers

Guest: Bill Henderson
Season 04, Episode 03

How legal writing software will make you a better lawyer (and save your mentor’s time)

Guest: Ivy Grey
Season 04, Episode 02

A better way to gather text message and social media evidence

Guest: Puneet Tiwari