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Building NewLaw

We are working to change the practice of law. We believe that, together, we can create the new legal industry standard.

Who and why CPD

Season 02, Episode 11

Combining retail and law to deliver "Axess-able" legal services

Guest: Lena Koke
Season 02, Episode 10

Weathering the great legal reformation & practicing law as a team sport

Guest: Mitch Kowalski
Season 02, Episode 09

Using legal trends & vision to help lawyers build something bigger

Guest: Jack Newton
Season 02, Episode 08

Asking questions & the problem of the client-centric law firm

Guest: D. Casey Flaherty
Season 02, Episode 07

Building a client-first law firm before it’s too late

Guest: Jordan Furlong
Season 02, Episode 06

Lawyer proofing law firms & building stronger enterprises

Guest: Jordan Furlong
Season 02, Episode 05

Fin (Legal) Tech & monetizing law firm innovation

Guest: Daniel Martin Katz
Season 02, Episode 04

Axiom Canada's origin & expansion

Guest: Joe Milstone, Bryan Friedman
Season 02, Episode 03

Law firm data mining & plans

Guest: Ken Grady
Season 02, Episode 02

Legal tech & NewLaw real talk

Guest: Derek Hopfner
Season 02, Episode 01

The CBA’s Legal Futures Initiative is helping lawyers identify NewLaw opportunities

Guest: Fred Headon
Season 01, Episode 11

Friendly NewLaw world domination

Guest: Peter Carayiannis