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Building NewLaw

We are working to change the practice of law. We believe that, together, we can create the new legal industry standard.

Who and why CPD

Season 03, Episode 09

Better litigation analysis leads to better outcomes

Guest: Jamie Gardiner
Season 04, Episode 06

The journey and legal technology to lawyers better

Guest: Rebecca Kacaba, Mat Goldstein
Season 04, Episode 05

Client relationships are changing - here's what you should do about it

Guest: Mark Le Blanc
Season 04, Episode 04

How innovating the field of legal education will create better lawyers

Guest: Bill Henderson
Season 04, Episode 03

How legal writing software will make you a better lawyer (and save your mentor’s time)

Guest: Ivy Grey
Season 04, Episode 02

A better way to gather text message and social media evidence

Guest: Puneet Tiwari
Season 04, Episode 01

Unlock your people to reinvent your law firm

Guest: Quinn Ross
Season 03, Episode 08

How hourly billing is hurting your people and profit

Guest: John Chisholm
Season 03, Episode 07

What one litigator learned from launching a legal tech startup

Guest: Alma Asay
Season 03, Episode 06

The reasons why legal ops failed to change a BigLaw firm

Guest: John Grant
Season 03, Episode 05

Partnering with Millennials to build better law firms

Guest: Aly Haji
Season 03, Episode 04

Counter Tax Lawyers built a better law firm, for real