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Sigita Bersenas

   / Paralegal
Sigita Bersenas
Sigita Bersenas

Sigita Bersenas is a paralegal/legal assistant who brings a wealth of customer service experience to her role at Counter. And it shows, as she meets the needs of each new client with understanding and empathy. Hardworking and driven by a desire to always provide the best possible help, Sigita is someone who delivers on her word. She follows through conscientiously on the smallest detail and tackles every project, large or small, with a determination to nail it.

After exploring a few different paths in university, Sigita decided to pursue a passion for law that that had first emerged back in high school, when she accidentally enrolled in an advanced law course. Her parents had always joked that she liked to argue, and her Grade 11 class’s mock trials certainly provided the ideal outlet. Rekindling this interest as an undergraduate, she completed a degree in legal studies and then earned her postgrad credentials as a paralegal. Along the way, she evolved a vision for her personal and professional development that’s fueled by a powerful competitive spirit. All of which is great for the Counter team and our clients – as long as we don’t ask her to play cards.

Counter’s work solved my big problem without going to court. My tax went from over $4 million to $63,000 including interest!

— S. Thurairajah

Counter has been a great resource and basis of support for my accounting practice and my clients.

— Robert D. Petroff, CPA, CGA & LPA, Robert D. Petroff Professional Corporation

According to Sigita’s friends and family, she may seem shy at first, but don’t be fooled. In fact she’s a social butterfly who loves to have fun. Back in school, teachers would often separate her from the other kids so she wouldn’t distract them (a sure sign of someone who’s too smart to stay interested in routine class work). Sigita’s folks also acknowledge that she can be stubborn at times, but what drives it is the fact that she has a big heart and genuinely wants people to be happy. We see ample evidence of that every day – and so do our clients.

  • Paralegal Program, Fanshawe College
  • Bachelor of Arts, Major in Legal Studies and Minor in History, University of Waterloo