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Jessica Riches

   / Legal Editor
Jessica Riches
Jessica Riches

Jessica Riches is Counter’s writing expert, charged with making everything we write as clear and persuasive as possible. She is the voice on the other side of our submissions thinking about how every word, every punctuation mark, fits into the overall argument and ceaselessly advocating for language that the reader, no matter who it is, can easily understand.

Having used some of the best lawyers in their fields, over many years, I was singularly impressed with the highly professional and efficient manner in which Counter managed my file.

— AT, Client

I have a Six Sigma Green Belt, and we wanted a law firm with a similar innovative and focused approach. We were thrilled and impressed with Counter’s systems, process, and constant updates.

— Aly Rajab, CLLC, Founder & CEO

Jessica has made a career out of being That Person – the one who corrects other people’s grammar, whether they’ve asked for the “advice” or not. It started early, around when she was eleven, and while she would have been well-advised to cease and desist through high school at least, she instead set herself to learning as much as possible about language and its many uses. That goal has led her down an occasionally circuitous path and into the wildernesses of professional editing and copywriting – for the government, previously, but now against. She is undoubtedly our most annoying employee, but we are smart enough to recognize how useful those talents are in a field where even the tiniest comma can mean the difference between win and lose.

She’s also very smart, and her parents have often wondered why someone who was a high school valedictorian, with rooms full of academic awards that she got without ever really studying, would choose to help other people with their writing rather than, say, going to law school.

The answer is simple. She wants to test the boundaries of what we can achieve with writing: to discover what happens when we communicate clearly, to see what an idea looks like once it’s been distilled down to its essence – words, or, more specifically, the correct words. She finds special satisfaction in helping others do the same, whether by editing and refining the language they’ve chosen or by helping them to find the words at all. Her favourite days are the ones that she spends trying to nail down one of Peter’s more visionary (read: abstract, inspired, lunatic) thoughts.

It’s most days.

  • Master of Publishing, Simon Fraser University (ongoing)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), English, University of Alberta (2010-2014)

Jessica’s Point of View