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Anda Beluli

   / Administrative Assistant
Anda Beluli
Anda Beluli

Anda Beluli is Counter’s administrative assistant – or, at least, that’s what we’re calling her. Unfortunately, the title doesn’t come close to capturing the variety and value of Anda’s role here.

It would be more accurate to say that Anda is the keeper of the flame. She handles all types of administrative work – including the unenviable task of managing Peter’s tendency to want to do everything at once – and makes sure that the things that need to get done do, in fact, get done.

I appreciate that Counter shares our dedication to putting our clients’ interests first and to finding the quickest and most cost-effective resolution.

— Vikram Gulati, CPA, CGA

Counter continues to prove it is the right tax law firm for our small and medium-sized business clients in tax disputes with the CRA.  

— Alan Weisbrod, CPA, CA

She also has a hand in many of Counter’s projects. It’s a natural next step for someone who deals with the everyday systems of the organisation. Take our approach to organisational accountability, for example. To make sure our entire team knows who is responsible for what work, we defined detailed roles, with lists of associated accountabilities. Anda led the charge, working with everyone on the team to catalogue all the things we each do – no small task in an organisation of our size where most people do a little of everything – and then helping us nail down the traits and responsibilities that characterise that role. The roles are subtle, right down to their key performance indicators, with interdependencies that a less careful eye would miss. They’re intricate and almost beautiful, and they’re not something that could have been created haphazardly. Luckily, Anda is not haphazard.

Anda is good at her job because she’s ruthlessly competent. Not ruthless in the sense of getting ahead at any cost – quite the opposite. Rather, Anda is ruthless with herself. She digs deep to get things done and exercises her (not inconsiderable) determination, perseverance, and assertiveness to make sure that when she does those things, it’s to the highest possible standard. Anda believes in triple-checking.

That resolve goes back to at least the eighth grade. She was new to French. Determined that it would not keep her off the honour roll, she convinced her father to tutor her. He was the strictest teacher she had all year. But she won the award for the highest grade in French.

More to the point, she didn’t let the experience ruin her relationship with her father, a real testament to her patience and people skills. A lesser eighth-grader might have sworn off French altogether at the thought of submitting to the combined authority of a parent and a teacher, but Anda was not just any eighth-grader, and she’s not just any administrative assistant. Like everyone at Counter, she has the kind of grit and attention to detail that get results, but she never sacrifices her commitment to exercising compassion and empathy in every interaction.

As an only child, Anda is used to carrying outsized expectations. And that’s good. We expect a lot from her.

She always delivers.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Tirana (Albania)