We’re not trying to rule the world.

We just want to own our niche. We can help you dispute an improper reassessment, disclose unreported income or reduce interest and penalties to the bare minimum – because that’s all we do.

Our approach Getting started

Counter specializes in tax disputes and litigation. So we work more skillfully and cost-effectively to find a favourable resolution to your tax challenge, focusing on any (or all) of three areas:

Tax Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We assist you in challenging Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audits or reassessments that seek to increase tax, penalties and interest payable.

Voluntary Disclosure/Tax Amnesty

We help you safely submit unfiled tax returns, report any unreported income or correct inaccurate tax information – with the goal of avoiding criminal prosecution and civil penalties.

Taxpayer Relief

We help you reduce or eliminate interest and penalties, extend tax filing deadlines and agree to favourable reassessments or redeterminations.

We’re not going for bronze.

Our approach is pretty intense. We live and breathe your case as if it were our own. And we’re only interested in first place.

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