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Natalie Worsfold

   / Tax Counsel
Natalie Worsfold
Natalie Worsfold

Natalie Worsfold is a tax lawyer who represents individual taxpayers and owner-managed businesses in disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). She also successfully challenges CRA decisions denying taxpayer relief and helps facilitate applications under the Voluntary Disclosures Program.

But what you really need to know about Natalie is that she’s a tax litigator with heart. When she takes on your case, it’s not out of technical interest – it’s because she cares. And if she believes the government has got something wrong, she won’t stop until it’s been put right. She’s relentless.

An entrepreneur pretty much from birth, Natalie launched her first business at the age of 10: running other kids’ birthday parties. At 17 she represented the Southeast of England in the European Young Enterprise Competition. Initially attracted to the law by her love of logic, she decided to make it a career because of her love of people – and her passion for helping those who’ve been wronged. A rebel at heart, she can’t stand to see an imbalance of power between the government and the people it’s supposed to serve.

As a lawyer, I know good lawyering and good advocacy. Peter and Natalie delivered both.

— Shelia Bruce, Family Lawyer

Peter and Natalie executed the plan and presented quality submissions to the CRA appeals officer that led to our complete victory. I have no hesitation providing a recommendation. Peter and Natalie do great work. They are true professionals with heart. 

— Ted Mitroff, Small Business Owner

While many firms blindly recommend pursuing litigation, Counter looked at the costs and benefits. I am grateful that Counter took on my case and thank Peter and Natalie and the rest of the team for all their hard work and dedication to my file.

— Narinder Seehra, CEO, MSR Holdings Inc.


After being called to the bar, Natalie ran her own practice for several years. What inspired her to come work with Peter was a shared sense of frustration that so many taxpayers seemed to accept unfairness in the system as the status quo. Natalie believes that the quest for a fair solution to any tax problem starts with having the right tools. And that’s the mission of Counter: to provide clients with the best possible tools for resolving their disputes – and to support them with the conviction that our firm really can change things by pushing harder and striving constantly to be better.

Natalie is the co-creator and driving force behind many of Counter’s process workflows, decision trees and data analytics systems, as well as our comprehensive knowledgebase, Hank. And when it comes to preparing cases, she’s our secret weapon – happiest when elbow-deep in evidence, meticulously building creative solutions to seemingly impossible problems. Because the fact is Natalie sees things that other people don't. She once found an obscure code in a 2,000-page government disclosure package that indicated the CRA has lost a critical piece of mail – and that one tiny discovery won the case for our client.

Things you should never say to Natalie include: “You can't do that”, “Well, that's just the way it is” and “Can I backdate this?” Topping her list of mortal enemies are apathy, failure to take responsibility, blind inefficiency – and bears.

Natalie’s family and friends describe her as loyal, selfless, understanding and fun. They also mention stubborn. To her Counter colleagues she’s a combination of stellar brainpower and contagious enthusiasm who elevates the game of everyone around her. As for the government, they probably describe her as a threat. In a good way.

  • Tax Law for Lawyers, Canadian Bar Association
  • National Committee on Accrediation, Federation of Law Societies of Canada
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Bristol
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Canadian Tax Foundation
  • Canadian Taxpayers Federation
  • Canadians for Tax Fairness
  • Ontario Bar Association
  • Ontario Bar Assocation, Young Lawyer’s Division
  • Ontario Bar Association, Taxation Law Section

Natalie’s Point of View