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The numbers
say it all.

Prospective clients typically ask us two questions: “How much can Counter save me on my tax dispute? And how likely are you to win?” We’re totally transparent on both counts—adding to the long list of things that set us apart from other tax lawyers.

In fact, we’re so confident about our performance that we recently had Fuller Landau LLP, an independent accounting firm, audit and verify our data, and publish an Independent Assurance Report to confirm its accuracy*.

It’s another Counter first: no other law firm has ever done anything like this. And we’re very proud of the results…

* Please note that past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.


Average percentage of the total amount in dispute that we saved clients through successful litigation.


How much we saved clients in Counter’s 2015 fiscal year ($11,843,329 to be precise).


Clients’ average return on fees, accounting for tax-deductibility (average 16:1 return without deductions).


The proportion of tax cases that resulted in favourable outcomes for Counter clients.

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