We should talk.

You’re smart, hardworking and creative. We’re setting a new standard for tax law firms. Maybe we should work together.

At Counter we’re creating a new kind of tax dispute and litigation law firm. And the key to doing that successfully is having a group of smart, dedicated people who always want to be better.

If you’re thinking Counter might be an interesting place to work, we can confirm it’s definitely that. We’re pretty sure – in fact, totally certain – there’s no other tax law firm built like ours. And we’re not done.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Counter?

What’s the strangest thing about working at Counter?

What is it like working at Counter?

What’s it like working with Peter?

What’s it like working at Counter?

What’s it like working at Counter?

We’ve developed a three-step application process to help us figure out whether you’re the kind of person who’d fit in at our firm.

  1. Questionnaire

    We ask you fill out a webform and a brief online questionnaire. No résumé or cover letter yet.

  2. Discovery Survey

    You complete a discovery survey, also online. This part is actually fun. We also ask for a résumé and letter at this point.

  3. Meet & Greet

    We conduct two in-person interviews and reference checks. So maybe that’s steps three and four. Or even three, four and five. But anyway, that’s what we do. Then we make a decision – and share it with you, either way.


We’re currently recruiting candidates for the following role(s). If you like what we’re all about and see a position for which you think you’re a good prospect, please click on the link to learn more.

Associate Lawyer | Tax Dispute & Litigation | 1 to 5 Years’ Experience

Client Happiness Manager | Receptionist

Law Clerk