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You’re smart, hardworking and creative. We’re setting a new standard for tax law firms. Maybe we should work together.

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Our law firm. Your questions.

We crowd-sourced the tough questions that you might not ask because you’re a little nervous or you don’t believe we’ll answer truthfully. Here are all the answers.


What is it like litigating and being a lawyer at Counter Tax?

It feels like riding a unicorn.


Do you expect me to talk to clients?

Yes, and we think that you will enjoy it and learn a lot. Our clients are good, smart people. We have a no a**hole rule. It includes clients.


Should I blindly trust that what you present me or tell me during the interview process and believe it is an accurate representation of the firm?

Nope. Do your research. Ask people. Ask for proof. Read everything. Listen to the podcast. Try to learn about who we are as people and professionals.


What impresses you?

The things that you can’t fake. People who do the right thing. People who build things. People who are humble, grateful, and self-aware. People who want to be better. People who are smart, take pride in doing quality work, and are purpose driven.


Are you all crazy? 

Yes, we are crazy, but together we feel less crazy.

Make good choices.

We've built this career comparison tool to help you decide whether Counter is the best place for you to chase your potential. 

Want a corner office?

Umm ... we're not that type of law firm. Our activity-based office design lets everyone work together and move around. But don’t worry – our soundproof pods will make sure that no one can hear you talking to your mom.

People like us.

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