Reinventing Counter - S01E02

Disrupting our core – and designing a system – to put our legal team in the best position to thrive, solve complex problems, and reach higher.

Arctiq, Counter, and The Moment are Toronto-based organizations that are exploring better ways to work, distribute power, and thrive. So, when Arctiq asked me to participate in its “Leading the Future of Work Panel & Mixer” in May 2019, I jumped at the opportunity to support Arctiq and share Counter’s progress with leaders at Google, Canadian Tire, and Teranet. 

We didn’t expect the discussion to last 2 hours.   

And we’ll warn you now that if your interest in the future of work is more… casual, our “inside-baseball” talk may induce yawning. 

But, if you’re engaged explorers like us, we hope that this video will give you some insight into our organizations, shift your thinking, and give you the courage to take the first action to transform your organization.


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