Five things Natalie can’t live without

Five things Natalie can’t live without

1. My local.


I firmly believe that everyone needs a local pub. In English culture they’re not unlike churches – places that many people would be lost without. In my youth it was the The Tally Ho or The Berkley. My first Canadian local was the The Royal Oak on Laurier East in Ottawa.


2. Cheese.


When I was growing up in the UK, strong Canadian Cheddar was the holy grail of cheese. Now that I’m here, it’s all I ever want to eat. Cheddar and Catherine’s Red Pepper Jelly on crackers, or cheese and pickled onion on cocktail sticks. Completely addictive – and possibly a genetic trait, as every time my family gets together we eat at least one block of two-year-old Balderson Cheddar. I’m trying to persuade Peter to open a Counter office in Balderson. Oddly, he doesn’t seem that interested.

3. Space.


I’ve always been fascinated by it. When I finally saw the Northern Lights in 2002, it was mesmerizing – like a beautiful wave of magic cascading across the sky. Now I’m addicted to monitoring solar flares and Earth’s magnetic fields at


4. Microsoft Excel.


Possibly humankind’s greatest invention. Mental arithmetic is for people without imagination – Excel enables me to combine my love of programming and my need to play with numbers. At Counter we use Excel to recreate all of the CRA’s calculations so we can check their work and track the financial impact of every tax issue. I’d be lost without it. And naturally, like all good Counter people, I believe that multiple spreadsheets call for multiple monitors. Ever wondered what Excel looks like spread across four solid walls of TVs? Stop by and we’ll show you our boardroom.

5. My jams.


Everyone has that special collection of songs that make them laugh, or cry – tunes without which we know the world would be all lonely and sad. Float On, Three Little Birds, End of the World News, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Babylon, Two of Us, The Greatest Love of All, the list goes on… In our offices, music – along with Peter’s random inspirational videos – makes the day better in every way. Of course, it also makes our space a bit less quiet. But as one of five children, I’m at peace in a noisy environment. Silence makes me uneasy.



Susan Farina wearing a dark blue top and dark rimmed circular glasses brightly smiling while sitting at a desk with a pen and paperwork in front of her

What Accountants Say

Peter Aprile is a very hands on and practical tax lawyer who is very focused and diligent. He is a pleasure to work with.

- Susan Farina, Tax Partner, Price Waterhouse Coopers

David Cuddy in a blue button up shirt standing in a park

What Clients Say

I’m a Senior VP with an accounting and finance background. I’ve worked with lawyers and large law firms. I was referred to Counter to fix a tax dispute. It is very rare to encounter lawyers that combine expertise, dedication, and a businesslike approach to litigation. I have no hesitation in recommending Counter.

- David Cuddy, Senior Vice-President, Finance & Business Operations, CFL

Laura Couvrette smiling in a plaid top standing with arms folded

What Accountants Say

Counter Tax Litigators has worked with Fuller Landau to resolve several of our clients’ tax disputes. Counter delivers superior communication.

- Laura Couvrette, CPA, CA, Fuller Landau LLP

Mark Ram standing in a office hallway wearing a white button up with dark blue jacket and dark rimmed glasses

What Clients Say

I spent a good part of my career dealing with attorneys on innumerable matters, and found Peter to be extremely competent, open-minded and exceptionally honest. I would not hesitate to use Peter again, and highly recommend the team at Counter Tax Litigators.

- Mark Ram, Retired CEO

Klaus W. Reif sitting at a desk, dressed in a blue jacket with a silver wrist watch

What Clients Say

Counter’s representation on our behalf was well informed, professional and efficient, which ultimately resulted in a highly satisfactory decision in all aspects.

- Klaus W. Reif, President, Reif Estate Winery

Brian Grott wearing a white button up with a red tie with white dots, softly smiling and leaning against a desk

What Clients Say

I was amazed with the results. They went above and beyond, and I would recommend Counter to any person or business with a significant tax dispute.

- Brian Grott, Northland Screen Corp

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