Additional MSA & SoW Client Service Terms

Additional MSA & SoW Client Service Terms

We want to build a strong relationship with you and accomplish our shared tax dispute goal. So, our MSA and SOW are agreements for the results we want to achieve. We think it’s a smarter approach to agreements (as opposed to traditional retainer agreement terms that focus on fear and protection).

However, the Law Society of Ontario (“LSO”) has some smart lawyers too and they recommend that every retainer agreement includes some standard terms. So, we decided to link to this site to add the following terms to our MSA and SOW.

  1. Our firm uses email to contact our clients and third parties. And we store all client information on a third-party internet cloud. You accept the risks inherent in using email and third-party internet clouds.

  2. You agree that our firm will use email to communicate and send you documents.

  3. We do not expect any conflict of interest. You agree that we will not treat any information as confidential. We will share all information freely with any party that has executed the MSA or SOW.

  4. If a conflict of interest arises, we may decide to represent some or none of the parties. If we choose to dissolve our relationship, you agree to take responsibility to retain new legal counsel.





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