Your Promises to Us

Your explicit promises will increase the odds we will get the things we value during our relationship (and you will get the best possible tax dispute experience and result).
Your Promises to Us

We work with clients who make and uphold the following promises.  

Shared Goal




You promise to ask questions to verify whether your expectations about the process and players are reasonable and your attitudes rational.   


You promise to regularly read, learn, and practice a good "litigation temperament" throughout the matter.   


You promise to study and practice (alone and with us) to give effective testimony.  


You promise to carefully read everything we send you (e.g., letters, reports, articles, books). You promise to write down and ask questions to get the necessary clarity and understanding.  


You promise to use your best efforts to gather the evidence you need to get the best result.   



You promise to pay our invoices within 30 calendar days.  



You promise to productive approach to resolve any conflict and strengthen our relationship.  

We think it is reasonable to expect you to uphold these promises. But, we all make mistakes. If you do not uphold a promise, we will point it out, ask you to fix it, and move on.

If you refuse (or regularly fail) to deliver on your promises, we will enforce a matching consequence.

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