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Checking All the Boxes to Deliver Better Results

Our Ontario Bar Association Presentation & Paper
Checking All the Boxes to Deliver Better Results

We’re a little famous for building systems that deliver more value to our clients.

The Ontario Bar Association heard about our systems and asked that we teach other lawyers how we do things at the annual TECHxpo 2017 conference. In particular, the OBA asked that we speak about one simple component of our larger system to help other lawyers increase quality and reduce error: checklists.

So, we delivered a presentation entitled The Legal Checklist Manifesto. Yes, we stole the title from Atul Gawande’s book The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right, which is one of the books that inspired us to create a larger system that includes checklists, workflows, automated questionnaires, and custom software.

Legal Checklist Manifesto

To us, the value that our system delivers to our clients is self-evident, so it was a little painful to explain to a group of smart lawyers that checklists are the starting point to working better.

In any event, in addition to the presentation, the OBA also forced asked us to contribute a paper on checklists. If you are interested in how we use checklists as part of our larger system and if you derive some pleasure from reading about the power of checklists … sound the trumpets and behold our paper, The Legal Checklist Manifesto. You can click on it to the right as well.

P.S. We’ve talked about our systems in other places, too. If The Legal Checklist Manifesto piques your interest, you can also listen to our podcast on workflows or check out our video about our custom tax dispute software to learn more about what we’ve built to deliver better client results.