2L Summer Law Student 2025 | Tax Litigation

We plan to hire a 2L summer law intern and start a journey that will give you three things.

First, we’ll provide you with training so that you’ll become a powerful litigator who’s also passionate about tax.

Second, we’ll give you the tools and technology that will help you think and work better.

Third, we’ll give you the support and environment that will help you find the best path to chase your purpose and potential.

Our Qualities

Our firm is dedicated to delivering superior tax litigation results and experiences. Also, we aim to enhance the Canadian tax dispute system, making it more efficient, fair, and beneficial for all stakeholders.

We focus on three key qualities in every candidate for every role.

We look for people:

  1. who will thrive in our culture, which values eagerness for collaboration, commitment to personal responsibility, and an unquenchable thirst for continuous learning and improvement;

  2. who feel inspired to deliver truly superior client outcomes and experiences; and

  3. who want to contribute to our law firm's greater purpose—improving Canada's tax and litigation systems, a mission we advance through our '1% for Good' initiative.

Your Qualities

When we picture you, we think of someone who is an independent thinker. You are analytical and witty. You are self-confident and humble. You do the right thing, always. You take pride in the effort and quality you bring to the things that you do.

You are interested in litigation, but you might not have a tax education or training. You are starting to get the idea that combining litigation and tax might give you a really interesting career, and you expect to take tax next year (you might even be thinking about participating in the Bowman Moot).

You default to a positive attitude, most of the time. You see a "desired future state", and you're determined to reach it. Constant learning excites you. Clear, straightforward communication matters to you; you actively share your thoughts and listen intently, knowing the importance of both. You welcome honest feedback and view challenges as chances to improve.

Adapting energizes you. Given the complexities of tax litigation and our goal to achieve outstanding results, you thrive on change. The thought of doing things differently as we raise the bar keeps you engaged; a monotonous job doesn't appeal to you.

You balance a strong personal accountability with a commitment to our collective success. You value the autonomy to excel on your own and the strength we harness as a team. You're ready to push boundaries, both yours and the team's, embracing the challenges of striving for excellence.


  • Completion of your "2L" year from a recognized Canadian law school.

  • Proficiency in common software applications  (e.g., Word, Excel) and adaptability to new software.

Note: This role is an office-first role. Our 'Office-First Hybrid' approach highlights our current emphasis on in-person collaboration. At this stage, we believe this strategy enables us to pursue our mission more effectively, which remains our top priority.


The Right Place

You should think about the environment that is going to put you in the best position to chase your personal and professional potential. 

Investigate us, and every other law firm that might fit. Read career pages and promotional materials critically so that you can uncover which law firm is likely to invest in you and put you in the best position succeed. To learn more about our law firm, visit our blog, listen to the Building New Law podcast, and read our candidate questions page.

If you think our law firm is the right fit, fill out the form below to apply for our 2L summer law student position, and upload your cover letter, résumé, transcripts, anticipated upper year courses, and list of references. It’s important that you complete all these steps before the application deadline set by the Law Society of Ontario. (Note: We generally do not participate in on-campus interviews and will call you on the LSO's designated "call day" to schedule an interview during the  LSO's designated 2L Interview Week in November.

Once you submit your documents, you'll receive our supplementary questionnaire via email. The questionnaire should take you about 20 minutes to complete. We will not consider your application complete until this supplementary questionnaire is completed.

If your application package and answers to our questionnaire indicate that we are a good fit, we’ll contact you to schedule your first interview. 

If we’re excited to work together after our second meeting, we’ll offer you the position. 

Also, feel free to use our Law Firm Career Comparison Tool. We built this tool to help you gather the evidence, compare your options, and choose the best place to work.

Good luck!


Equity, diversity, and inclusion are cornerstone principles for achieving our mission. By embracing various interests, backgrounds, and experiences, our individual and collective capabilities develop more quickly and effectively.