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Laura Zubot

   / Tax Counsel
Laura Zubot
Laura Zubot

Laura Zubot is one of our tax lawyers, and she will make an impression.

Laura listens to everything. You might mistake her silence for weakness, but, trust us, she’s analyzing everything you say. You need a lawyer who can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case and then be candid with you. She’s a pro at that. At the right time, she’ll let you know exactly what she thinks. So have fun with that.

Laura has an unusual affection for the Income Tax Act. For her, it’s pleasure reading. It isn’t uncommon for her to stay up all night researching strange tax questions just for fun. So, she probably already knows some things that will help win your case.

Having used some of the best lawyers in their fields, over many years, I was singularly impressed with the highly professional and efficient manner in which Counter managed my file.

— AT, Client

I have a Six Sigma Green Belt, and we wanted a law firm with a similar innovative and focused approach. We were thrilled and impressed with Counter’s systems, process, and constant updates.

— Aly Rajab, CLLC, Founder & CEO

As you may guess, Laura reads everything. She is extremely ambitious and is driven to learn more, which is the reason she left a Bay Street firm and joined us. She was attracted to the opportunity to think creatively and win more. Counter has given Laura the space (and some technology) to exercise her creative talents and unleash her full potential as an unrivalled tax lawyer, which is really good for you. Simply put, Laura has transformed into a supreme tax litigation nerd.

So, all hail the supreme tax litigation nerd?

But Laura defies all the supreme tax nerd stereotypes. She’s effortlessly cool with a keen intelligence that sneaks out in wry quips. And even though she also drinks whisky and listens to obscure music (but not on the job, don’t worry), she isn’t always intimidating. She is by far the clumsiest person in the office. And, we’re pretty sure that she wears long johns at work.

If she ever seems threatening, though, here’s our advice: Turn up the air conditioning and pull out some mustard. She’ll run away as fast as she can manage without tripping.