Jennifer Waite

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Jennifer Waite
Jennifer Waite

Jennifer Waite is an Application Specialist and Counter’s lead resident mathematician. We’re pretty sure no other law firm has a full-fledged mathematician on the team. And by that we mean not just a person who once studied math, but a high-level numbers person who understands the underlying logical precision required to produce smart, human-focused tools.

To say that Jennifer is good with figures doesn't quite cover it. She has an MSc in Mathematics from Queen’s University. That means we don't ask questions when she divides the lunch bill in her head. More importantly, we prize her ability to tackle difficult problems and discover highly inventive solutions. Her work combines irreproachable reliability and a sense of refined completeness that borders on beauty. Actually, it’s not just on the border – it’s beautiful.

Peter Aprile and his staff have shown an exceptional dedication and knowledge in the field and strive to achieve the best result possible for their clients.

— Erik Steinbachs, Chartered Accountant

Thank you for all your great work. Your firm did an excellent and outstanding job in delivering a positive outcome to our very stressful and complicated tax case! 

— A.S. & M.P.

Jennifer comes to us from the not-for-profit world, where creative problem solving isn’t just an interesting sideline; it’s essential for survival. She finds nothing more satisfying than plotting out new pathways and connections between diverse subjects, learning more as she goes. She loves finding patterns and looking within them to discern the root cause of a complex problem – and then solving it with elegant simplicity. The kind of simplicity our clients experience firsthand when they use our software tools.

Jennifer’s also a natural helper, eager to jump in wherever she’s needed, including through volunteering with a number of groups. And now she’s proud to see her daughter carrying on that same spirit of helping – a dedication to making things better than they were before she came, and leaving them stronger after she’s gone.

  • Bachelor of Science, Highest Honours in Mathematics, Carleton University
  • Master of Science, Mathematics, Queens University

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