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Colman Ing

   / Systems Integration Specialist
Colman Ing
Colman Ing

Colman Ing is Counter’s Systems Integration Specialist – or at least that’s the title we settled on after everyone agreed that “ninja IT mini-genius” might not convey the serious value he adds to our firm.

Colman can handle every tech-related challenge thrown his way, and at Counter he gets a lot of weird stuff thrown at him. Driven by an innate curiosity, he’s always eager to find more efficient methods of working that leverage digital technology in interesting ways. In his view, you don’t truly understand a subject unless you’re capable of teaching it to someone else – and he lives up to that credo by producing software script that is incredibly clean, straightforward and illuminated by smart, helpful comments.

Counter has been a great resource and basis of support for my accounting practice and my clients. 

— Robert D. Petroff, CPA, CGA & LPA, Robert D. Petroff Professional Corporation

It is our view that Counter’s deep commitment to our case resulted in our success before the courts…. We are forever grateful for the support shown by Counter in our time of need. clients.

— Stephen Kaegi

Colman’s foremost priority is user satisfaction. Always quick to identify and resolve any bugs that arise in our systems, he’s the kind of guy who can completely lose track of time when he’s engrossed in an interesting problem. His passion for optimization (yes, apparently you can be passionate about that) is matched by a keen eye for the slightest inefficiency in implementation. Constantly on the lookout for novel ways to improve existing processes, he approaches even the most mundane task thinking, “I’ll bet I could write a script to do that.” There's no project so large and no document so complex that he won’t take it on.

Colman's friends describe him as someone who’ll go to great lengths to simplify his own workload and the workloads of those around him. (Actually they call him lazy, but that’s just their way of describing a dogged devotion to avoiding unnecessary complexity.) His sister calls him a dependable smart ass. We call him Colman, usually followed by “can you figure this out?” And he does.

  • Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Waterloo