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Junior Law Clerk

We’re excited to hire a junior law clerk – with superior writing skills – who is interested in taking the lead to steward our clients through the litigation process and helping to ensure that our clients are super happy with our legal work and progress.

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You are unique, forward-thinking, tech-loving, and efficient. You are committed to personal and professional development. You want to grow your current skills and experience, and you are not scared to learn new things and create systems to do better work. You try your best to do the right thing, always. You take pride in the effort and quality you bring to the things that you do.

You want to work with a bunch of obsessive – and good – people who’ve got your back. You want to have their back, too. You want them to trust your word and your work, and you want them to know that you will always try to put them in the best position. You want them to do the same for you.

Required Experience & Education

Counter will consider candidates with the following experience and education:

  • a university degree; and
  • a legal clerk diploma.

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