A tool built to help you calculate the financial impact of a proposed CRA audit result or CRA settlement

    We believe that it is imperative that taxpayers understand the tax, penalties and interest that underlie any proposed CRA audit result, or CRA settlement agreement. 

    It is surprising to us that many accountants and tax lawyers do not provide clients with the financial impact before making a decision and, instead, believe that a "rough number" is good enough.

    To help taxpayers and accountants, we decided to share ImpactCounter so that you can calculate the financial impact and make the right decision to accept a proposed CRA audit result or CRA settlement.*  

    Please watch our explainer video to learn more, and then scroll down to use ImpactCounter to crunch your numbers.

    ImpactCounter is a small part of our CounterMeasure software.  

    We hope that you find ImpactCounter a valuable tool.

    *Nota bene. Your access and use of any tools on our website constitute your acceptance of our Terms of Use.

    ImpactCounter - Calculator


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