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You are Building NewLaw.

If you are building a law firm, legal tech company, or product, we want to help you share your story.


     Are you working to build a great NewLaw firm?  An exciting legal tech company? Or, a product set to transform the legal industry?  

    If so, take 3 minutes to tell us about what you are building and we will share your story with the NewLaw community.  

     Simply click on the “Start recording” button and:

    1. tell us your name and social media handle;

    2. what you are building and why;

    3. how you got the idea and how it is going;

    4. what is the best and hardest thing about what you are building or the experience; and

    5. who else have you seen in the NewLaw space that is doing something neat, or inspires you in some way.

    If you want bonus points, end your story with "so we are [company name], and we are Building NewLaw!!!!!"

    We look forward to hearing your story and sharing it with the NewLaw community.

    If you have any questions, email us at info@buildingnewlaw.ca

    Point of View

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    Why your litigation analysis is weak and what you should do about it

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    How hourly billing is hurting your people and profit

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    What one litigator learned from launching a legal tech startup

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    Season 03, Episode 06

    The reasons why legal ops failed to change a BigLaw firm

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