A tool built to help you calculate tax dispute amounts at stake

    Generally speaking, "how much are we fighting about?" is the first answer that we want when we are working on a tax dispute.  We want to know every issue - and every amount related to every issue - to help guide our strategy and ensure that we deliver optimal client-ROI.  

    To help taxpayers and accountants, we decided to share DisputeCounter to help taxpayers and accountants take the first steps to start to compile some of the information necessary to achieve the best tax dispute result.* 

    Please watch our explainer video to learn more, and then scroll down to use DisputeCounter to crunch your numbers.

    We hope that you find DisputeCounter a valuable tool.    

    *Nota bene. Your access and use of any tools on our website constitute your acceptance of our Terms of Use.


    DisputeCounter - Calculator


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