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Office Administrator

We’re excited to add an office administrator (who’s passionate about design and minimalism) to our team so that our office atmosphere is consistent with our brand and values.

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When we close our eyes and picture you, we see that you’re passionate about space and design. You might have a little design education. You admire and comment on “clean lines” when speaking with friends. And, you’ve “liked” at least four knolling photos on Instagram.

Your style reflects your interests too. And, most things in your condo are lined up and labelled. You probably own or really want a key holder dish. Everything has its place. 

You want to work on a team of experts that value your attention to detail. You like knowing that they bring the same attention to detail to their work. You want to work with good people who’ve got your back. And, you want to have their back too.

Required Experience & Education

Counter will consider candidates with the following experience and education:

  • a university degree; and
  • a minimum of two years’ work experience in a similar role.

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