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Graphic Designer

We’re excited to add a highly talented Graphic Designer to help us create and design brand assets.

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Chances are that, while reading this, you’ve noticed our style and font choices. Good start. We’re looking for a Graphic Designer who is perceptive and talented. Creativity, hard work, and good taste are the baseline.  From the largest brush stroke to the smallest, you, like us, believe everything should be done with intention.

Your perfectly curated Instagram feed gives you the chills. You use phrases like “art for art’s sake” (in a purely ironic way, of course). You appreciate the artistry of a well-designed user interface just as much as the craftsmanship of an ergonomic chair.  Maybe you take aesthetics and design a little too seriously, but you make no apologies for it – neither do we. Do you want to collaborate and build awesome content? The feeling's mutual, keep reading.

Required Experience and Education
We will consider candidates who have completed:
  • A university degree;
  • A minimum of two years’ experience in graphic design (experience working at a professional design firm is an asset); 
  • Graphic design and Adobe InDesign education or expertise (e.g., college courses, diploma, or certificate).

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