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2L Summer Student | Litigation | 2020

We’re excited to add a 2L Summer Student to a litigation team that’s working together to chase its potential.

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When we picture you, we think of someone who is an independent thinker. You are analytical and witty. You’re self-confident and humble. You do the right thing, always. You take pride in the intention and effort that you bring to the things that you do.

You are interested in litigation, and you expect to enroll in a tax law course. You are starting to believe that combining litigation and tax might give you the opportunities that you want to learn and grow throughout your career.

You want to be the best lawyer possible. And it’s easy for you to see how a law firm that combines a top-tier reputation, a new organizational model, and award-winning proprietary technology will put you in the best position to chase your potential.

Required Experience

We expect that the successful candidate will have completed one year, with a B+ or higher average, at a Canadian law school.

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