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Five things Laura can’t live without

Five things Laura can’t live without

1. My headphones.

Five things Laura can't live without: Headphones

I listen to podcasts on my commute to work, and to music pretty much every other minute of the day. We have speakers in the office, but I use headphones whenever I want to crank up the music, or listen to the same song on repeat without driving anyone else crazy. Also, if I didn't have headphones to listen to podcasts I'd have to go back to reading books for entertainment while walking, which was probably a safety hazard.

2. Tea.

Like almost everyone else at Counter, I can’t function without coffee, but tea is my default beverage. There are so many different delicious types of black, green, white, and herbal teas that I could never get bored. Hot mugs of tea almost make winter bearable.

3. The internet.

Without the internet, not only would I not be able to do my job, I couldn’t immediately Google every question that ever pops into my head. I generally have so many tabs open in the internet browser on my phone that the browser stops keeping count, so without internet I’d likely be spending half my life in the library digging through books for answers.

4. Sriracha.

Five things Laura can't live without: Sriracha

I always have a bottle of Huy Fong sriracha (a.k.a. “rooster sauce”) in my fridge and will add it to pretty much anything – eggs, soup, rice, pizza, you name it. Any time food is bland or disappointing, I just add sriracha and it’s fixed. I used to have no tolerance for spicy foods but seem to have acquired a taste for them through sheer perseverance.

5. Sleep.

Of course I literally could not live without sleep, but I view sleep as an enjoyable indulgence instead of just a necessity. Naps are one of my favourite ways to spend lazy Sunday afternoons.