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Five things Jezelle can’t live without

Five things Jezelle can’t live without

1. Family.

Family means everything to me. They have brought me so much joy in my life. My parents were always there for me, and they taught me how to be a good person. I’m also blessed to have an adorable son who looks up to me and a loving husband who supports me while I navigate through life’s everyday challenges. They make me get up every day and inspire me to be the best I can be.

2. Phone.

I simply cannot function without my phone with me. It has everything I need to keep my life on track: I can make calls and send texts, listen to my music, tell time, check social media, play games (I’m still addicted to Candy Crush), and take pictures (lots of pictures). As a new mother, I need my phone with me at all times to quickly snap those important moments – then mass-send the results to my entire family. I also love Google maps. I often get lost finding my way around the city, even walking, and having Google maps at my disposal has saved me a lot of time and sore feet.

3. Sweets.

Five things Jezelle can't live without: Sweets

I have a sweet tooth, and I love to eat anything sweet. Chocolate, cake, ice cream, smoothies, dried mangoes – you name it, I love it. Well, maybe not the weird ones (e.g., deep-fried Mars bar). When I’m feeling particularly down or need a little boost, I go on a hunting spree and won’t stop until I have my sugary goodies.  

4. Books.

Five things Jezelle can't live without: Books

I like to read a lot of novels. I prefer thrillers, suspense novels, and fantasy novels, but I’m not picky. As long as I have a book to read, I’m good. My favourites are some of Sidney Sheldon’s books like Other Side of Midnight and Best Laid Plans. I enjoy letting my imagination run wild and getting lost in a thrill-seeking storyline while trying to guess what happens next.

5. TV.

I’m guilty of binge-watching TV shows on the weekends. I mostly watch criminal TV shows, but I like a good comedy or drama now and then. My favourites are Criminal Minds, NCIS, Bones, Big Bang Theory, and Suits. I like shows with a good plot that let me learn new things.