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Five things Anda can’t live without

Five things Anda can’t live without

1. Family.

My family is the most important thing to me. How could they not be? My parents have always believed in me, and they raised me to shoot for the moon. I could be anything I wanted – that was the message drilled into my head as I was growing up. And my husband? He’s my rock and the first person I want to talk to whenever anything happens... or when nothing happens. He’s made me realise what all the books and songs are written about.

2. Books.


I enjoy nothing more than losing myself in a good book. I’m not picky about the genre, as long as it’s arresting (fiction) or informative (non-fiction). I grew up loving the classics – Jane Austen has a special place in my heart – but these days I will read anything. And although Kindle is a wonderful invention that allows me to take a whole library of books with me and never get bored, is there anything in the world that smells better than a fresh, new book?

3. Baking utensils and gadgets.

Baking Supplies

While I love to cook generally, I have always had a preference towards baking. Being the Harry Potter nerd that I am, I like comparing baking to potion-making. You mix together specific amounts of various ingredients, in the right order, to get something that is more than the sum of all the parts. Something about it is soothing.

4. Large bodies of water.

Seas, oceans, lakes – you name it. If I can swim in it and it’s in the open air, it’s good. Looking around at water surrounding you just makes you realise the vastness of the universe and the sheer insignificance of all of your mortal worries and issues and problems. It’s the embodiment of freedom.

5. Water, in general.

It’s not that I can’t live without water (who can?), so much as I can’t live without drinking huge amounts of water. The water jug at the dinner table always has to be within my reach because people get tired of passing it to me. My old colleagues got me a birthday cake shaped like a water bottle a few years ago – it’s that much of a defining feature.